What is Redcon 1:

From lifting heavy weights in the gym, following certain nutritional plan, reading fitness books to exercising day and night. How the body transforms and performs is paramount to individual success and survival.

Achieving great muscle and strength is a forging process, one that requires time, dedication and the highest state of readiness.

In recent years, a lot of supplements have been made available to both athletes and bodybuilders to assist them achieve their desire goals. But unfortunately, today’s supplement landscape has become somewhat of a wasteland, one that is filled with fake results, lies, false claim and iinformation and unworthy brands just out to make a quick buck. This situation leaves the consumer with uneffective products with illegal substances and less than desirable results. On a side note whar do you think are the best 10 supplements.

However, in the mix of all this circumstance, there is one brand that really stand out — REDCON 1

REDCON1 was created to ensure potential consumers get real, hardcore products that deliver real results. Their motto “THE HIGHEST STATE OF READINESS” is the foundation that they really live and breathe.

Founded by supplement industry entrepreneur Aaron Singerman, a former CEO of Blackstone Labs, one of the most prominent brands in the industry. During the few years spent at Blackstone, Aaron decided that he would like to start a company of his own, which eventually in July 2016  he started a brand new line of products with a brand new team of smart and dedicated people with the goal of creating some top notch supplements to the world at large.

Ever since Singerman new business venture was introduce to the public, great products has being coming out from them. REDCON 1 manufactures products ranging from Pre Workout, Meal Replacement, Recovery, Muscle Building, Intra Workout, Energy/Fat Burning, Protein and Anabolic Support supplements.

REDCON 1 also sells vitamin Kits and T-shirts.


To begin with, RedCon1 is a brand of supplements for muscle building, weight-loss results, heightening energy levels, recovery after workouts and boosting overall fitness and performance.

Fortunately, Aaron Singerman is not left alone to all the work. RedCon1 also have team of smart and well dedicated people, professional, and medical experts with the goal of creating some top quality products.

RedCon1 products are made in a world-class manufacturing facility, the process and the facilities are heavily monitored so to ensure that there are no mistakes.

REDCON 1 was created based on the fact that some existing supplements available on the market today just aren’t living up to expectation.

Singerman has specifically created each product within the REDCON 1 line to serve a purpose.

REDCON 1 is one a mission to meet all customers needs no matter their background, no matter what their goals may be. REDCON 1 aim at delivering  the highest state of readiness to potential customers.

Product Range

Potential customers should be rest assure that any products coming out from REDCON 1 are quality, top notch and effective. Their potent pre-workout supplement are the best right now. It contains natural ingredients that will assist both athletes and bodybuilders achieve great pumps and strength. Users need not be doubtful. With impressive claims and an even more impressive nutritional panel, it becomes evident why many have turned to REDCON 1 as their pre-workout of choice.

***The REDCON 1 Total War is a big hit supplement. This product contains high doses of the active ingredients to ensure that it deliver anytime, any day. Total War is a great pre-workout supplement which is suitable for both athletes and bodybuilders who are really serious about getting a lean physiques.

The REDCON 1 Total War is very easy to take, and it comes in the following flavours:

*Blue Raspberry

*Strawberry Kiwi

*Sour Gummy Bear

***The REDCON 1, SOMAL-1 is a promissing 1-DHEA formula designed to significantly increase both lean and muscle mass  in just a short cycle.

***The REDCON 1 Aftermath is a supplement that is designed to the users recover faster after a heavy workout.

***REDCON 1 Isotope is a high-quality whey protein that performs very well in comparison to other whey products on the market. Whey proteins are necessary for optimal muscle growth because they provide users with sufficient levels of protein and other nutrient that work to boost the muscles and overall health.

***The REDCON 1 Breach is a chained Amino acid supplement that provides users with the “building blocks” that are the foundation of the cells in terms of muscle building. This supplement is really helpful to the users because it assist with sleep, work, and performance in every aspect.

Other great product from REDCON 1 are the  MRE Lite and Double Tap.

Customers Satisfaction and Complaints?

Although most of the customers reviews were found on REDCON 1 official website, users had also being posting their reviews on other third parties site.

Reviews on some of REDCON 1 are mixed, while some enjoyed their products, others think it is still lacking.

Here are a few customer feedback:

*Good to Go! First time user over here. Picked up the Mental Trigger, Big Noise, Halo, and Breach, and I have to say it’s some of the best product on the market”

“Great taste, mixed very well, and shipped very quickly”


While on the other hand, some customers weren’t really happy:

“My first order through them was through their amazon listing. The order never got sent to Anever” — Bartosh Sudak

Also, some users might experience some unwanted side effects with REDCON 1 products. Even though the negative effects are not really addressed on the official website, they can still occur, depending on how an individual react to the product.

The REDCON 1 Total War also has a big hit of caffeine and higenamine and rauwolscine. Professional athletes might want to avoid this one, especially if they get drug tested for sports or work or whatever.

Customer service?

REDCON 1 customer service are great, the representative are ready to respond directly to requests for information about their products or any other inquiries.

The e-mail response time is said to be solid- and it makes it easy for ccustomers in different countries or time zone to be able to send an email when they want to instead of waiting for the customer service to open up in the United States.

*For Questions about Supplements:

Call: 1(844) 6-REDCON or 1(844) 673-3266

Email: frontline@redcon1.com


*For Questions About Order and Shipping:

Call: 1(561) 699-3625

Email: cs@redcon1.com


*Wholesale Inquires:

Email: sales@redcon1.com


Customers can also send a mail to REDCON 1 at 1141 S Rogers Circle Suite 3Boca Raton, FL 33487

REDCON 1 has the highest levels of quality customer service. Their ultimate goal is to create a life-long customers and to ensure that customers can come back for more purchase over and over again.


REDCON 1 are dedicated in making sure that each and every customer has a positive experience. Customers can order with confidence and peace-of-mind knowing that their money will never be wasted on junk products.

REDCON 1 products are available at various online stores. Customers don’t have to worry about anything when ordering from third-party site, because REDCON 1 only works with trusted and reliable suppliers.

Ordering directly from REDCON 1 is the best and safer way to get the products. When ordering, customers would only be asked to enter their: name, e-mail address, mailing address, phone number and credit card information.

Customers private information (credit cards, social security numbers, financials, etc.) are safe after transaction. Their information will not be stored on REDCON 1 servers, nor will they charge unnecessarily.

REDCON 1 provides tracking information for all orders to the customers so they can keep track of the order progress through the mail system.

Checkout and Shipping? 

The internet of today is far different than it was even 5 years ago. It is more sophisticated, and has more intelligence beyond imagination.But with this greater level of convenience comes a greater level of risk. REDCON 1 understands this and has taken great lengths to ensure that every transaction made by customers on REDCON 1 site is safe and secure from hackers.

REDCON 1 online purchase is easy and safe. Customers credit cards information are protect against unauthorized use. They implement a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of all personal information.

All supplied sensitive/credit information is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and then encrypted into REDCON 1 Payment gateway provider’s database only to be accessible by those authorized with special access rights to such systems, and are required to keep the information confidential.

Potential customers can also order anywhere around the world. The International delivery was very prompt and the package quality is top notch. REDCON 1 ship Monday through Friday. All international orders are shipped via FedEx International Priority, DHL or UPS.

However, It’s important that international buyers understand how their country regulates the incoming shipment of supplements. Some countries might not allow importation of supplements without authorization, which could lead to the supplement being confiscated or even destroyed by custom officers. In this case, REDCON 1 will not consider issuing any type of credit, refund or replacement product.

Return Policy

REDCON 1 will only accept returns within 30 days of original purchase if it is due to damage that is fault by their despatch team or suppliers.

If an item is missing or the item received is damaged, then customers must notify the support-line above within 3 days of receipt of shipment to receive a replacement free of any shipping costs.


Discount and Price?

REDCON 1 products are a little bit  pricey but they offer a great discount and coupon codes to customers. REDCON 1 price start at minimum $30 and maximum $90.

However, they also offer a BUY TWO GET ONE promo. Potential customers can pick any 2 products and get a 3rd product of equal or lesser value absolutely FREE!


REDCON 1 products are amazing and effective. Aaron Singerman is a man with a lot of experience, he and his team of professionals use only potent combination of unique ingredients in every singe supplement so it could standout on the market, and it’s appropriate for a diverse range of users with a diverse range of goals.